how to make ebook cover designs

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 How to Make Ebook Cover Designs


"Hi Steve,

just a quick note to thank you for the new videos,- they're great.

They're really easy to understand and you make it easy to know what tools to download (Free which is great) and then with no-fluff get straight to the detail in easy to follow instructions.

Now I can create great looking ebook covers quickly for free whereas before I was paying $20+ for each one.

Good job Steve,.. and thanks again!

Russell Hall"

P.S. just thought I'd share my first attempts at ebook covers which in fact I'm really happy with.

Cheers, Russell



Hi Steve,

Yeah really helpful mate thanks so much.

As always I was waiting for the 'catch' but all was indeed free. I admit to hesitating before downloading !

Your instructions are really clear, and though I have little 'Photoshop' experience your  layers and flatten bits kinda helped me to understand, something I never have, so many thanks for that.

Don't get me wrong I will be doing a bit, then keep on re-checking your videos, and am sure that there will be some hair pulling out before I'm through, but the fact that I am up at 4am in Bulgaria re-watching your video's (again) tells you how important this is to me personally, and to my fledgling business as an Artist.

The fact that you follow up your downloads with a personal email is a great plus for you, and says much about your aftercare and your attitude towards potential clients. I'm sorry I'm not in a position to reward you financially, but maybe when I am a world famous Artist and Author, that may change. Certainly if this is a success you may qualify for a free original watercolour painting. Have a look on the Gallery pages of my website, or the galleries on my you tube channel and let me know what you like (if anything) ! You can also see my artwork on online Galleries worldwide, and also in a few Galleries if your ever in Bulgaria too.

Anyway kind regards from the Balkans right now.

My early morning starts now with my first eBook cover attempt, wish me Luck !

Kind regards

Martin Stephenson (stevo)



Steve, your videos were great. Downloaded paint and the others and created my cover in about 1 hour. Thanks so much, you saved me at least 30.00.

Steve Webster


HI.. love the tutorial.. you did a great job and I made my first ebook cover. …I am going to redo my book cover but will send one along when it's right. .

This is killer and saved me so much $$$$

Thank you , Thank you for this..

 Adrienne Lee/ADDIE


Hi Steve,

Great work buddy.  I am very impressed.

…you have done a great job with your videos.  You are in my favorites list, which is a short but very eclectic group.

Eclectic: Choosing the best from diverse sources.

Thank you.


Homeschool Software Connection



Thank you for such a well made and comprehensive instruction video. You did a real good job and it was very helpful.




Hi Steve,

I love the videos. …They were really straight forward and easy to follow.  I'm actually interested in making ebook covers as a business.


Suzanne Webb-Brikas


Thanks for sending them Steve. They are very good.

Dave T


Hi Steve

Hope you are OK

Thanks for these Great Videos - absolutely remarkable!!

Kind regards




Videos were very well done, I’m sure I will be producing some covers very soon.

This really helps, I will not be doing enough to justify the cost of photo shop. & Gimp have been handling the bulk of my graphics needs.


Jim Newell


Hi Steve,

Your video tuturial was very helpful and simple easy to follow. I was looking for a software to make an ebook cover for a while now. Thanks to your video, I have a cover book ; I am sending you with this message the cover I made with Paint.

Thank you very much.



Hey Steve

     The videos were wonderful, so easy to follow along,  I kept your page up while I worked on mine.  I have a couple of websites, but I just got a new domain name, just for the books I am going to write, so I have a lot of work ahead of me,  I have already promoted your website to a couple of people,  I will list it on my website as soon as I get my book done,  I will also promote it in my blogs,   Is that okay with You?   If you have any input on how to put the book and the cover together,  and put it on a website for sale I would love to know.   I already have the book in PDF,  with my openoffice.   The title is “A Breast Cancer Notification"    Hopefully I can do some really good things with it.  Here are my websites you can check them out.   They will tell you a little more about me and why I am doing this.   Thanks for your time.   I would love to send you my book to read if you like.

Thank you for all your help

my new domain is  ( I have to find hosting, probably wordpress if I ever figure it out.

Thank you again



how to make ebook cover designs